Plot Synopsis

February 10, 2010 at 3:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Education is a Social Realism film about the lives and experiences of 5 university students, Rick, Annie, Gaz, Steve and Declan. Annie and Gaz are in a destructive relationship, while  Rick watches from the sidelines as the girl he loves is torn apart by her abusive boyfriend. Steve and Declan spend their time doing what most first year uni students do: drinking, smoking and doing as little work as possible.

The opening sequence introduces us to the 5 main characters through a montage. As the film progresses, we gain a clearer insight into their lives and follow the experiences they go through over the course of the film.

Rick is a second year university student studying political economics at Coventry. He has been friends with Declan and Steve, two film studies students flunking their way through uni, since middle school, and shares a house with them. He met Annie during freshers week in his first year, she also studies political economics. He wants to be more than friends with Annie, but she has a long-term boyfriend, Gaz, who she’s been with for 4 years. Gaz is very violent and physically abuses Annie. Rick has his suspicions, but no proof. Over the course of the film, Declan and Steve start having troubles with their course and Steve starts to realize that his friendship with Declan is having a negative impact on his life when his girlfriends dumps him saying he loves Declan more than her. Annie and Gaz’s abusive relationship comes to a head after a night out, and Gaz ends up knocking out Annie. He is about to rape her when Rick bursts in and punches Gaz. Annie wakes up and they leave Gaz out cold on the floor. Declan ends up being kicked out of university, while Steve’s grades start to get better. Annie and Rick start dating and by the end of the film, all the problems from the beginning of the film are resolved.


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