December 18, 2009 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)

On Saturday I did my first part of filming. We started at 8am in Bury, and completed it at around 9.50am. The filming was mostly successful, but we came across a few problems. Because we were in town so early, we didn’t have a problem with too many people or anything like that. However, we did have a few problems in the arc, as we found out a few days before that we weren’t actually allowed to film there. I only needed two short shots though, so we chanced it and were luckily not told to stop filming. Most of the problems osccured whilst filming the shoplifting scene. The idea I had for this section did not work very successfully, as the Mobility Scooter I borrowed did not go fast enough to keep up with the actors running. I was also running out of time at this point, as all the actors and I had to be somewhere else as 9.45am. I think I can work around this and just change my opening sequence from my Animatic slightly. Either this or I will have to reshoot after working out another way to get the right shots I want.

I finished my filming on Monday 14th December. I travelled to Coventry so I could film on location at my brothers house. The filming went well and did not take too long. There were a few lighting issues, but we managed to sort them out. The main problem that occurred whilst filming was getting the camera in the right position, as the house is quite cramp without much room in the corridors. Because of this several shots were filmed without using the tripod, but because it is a Social Realism film, it doesn’t matter if some of the camera work is slightly shaky. Other than this, filming ran smoothly, and I am especially pleased with the acting, as during the first shoot I think there were a couple of issues with the acting during the abuse scene between the male and female subjects. However, my brother has had lots of acting expreience and was a real professional.


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