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November 24, 2009 at 1:00 pm (Uncategorized)

To help with my Opening Sequence to a Social Realism film, I carried out some Market Research on my Target Audience. To get a really good idea of what my Target Audience likes, I made a questionnaire asking questions about Social Realism films and what the audience enjoyed and got out of watching them. I got a range of results from my questionnaires, of which I handed out 20 to Social Realism fans of my age.

Question 1

Why do you enjoy Social Realism films?

I asked this question to get and idea of what the target audience enjoys and why they watch Social Realism films.

Most of the answers stated that is was the portrayal of real life issues and the ability to relate of characters and issues facing them. They liked how the stories are very realistic and how you can emphasis with the characters.

From these results, it tells me that my opening sequence must show characters facing real issues, such as drug taking, stealing, drinking etc.

Question 2

Out of the following films, which do you prefer?

This Is England



Why did you enjoy this film more than the others?

These films involve different issues and characters, so by asking it I could find out what kind of themes the majority of the target audience enjoy.

Results show that This Is England was the most popular because the characters were the same age as the target audience, and because of the issues of racism and violence it addresses. Kidulthood was also chosen because of the age of the characters, and Trainspotting because of the issue of drugs raised in the film.

These results show me that the characters in my opening sequence should be young adults around the age of 15-18.

Question 3

Do you think the majority of characters in a Social Realism film should be teenagers/young adults e.g. 14-22 year olds?

If no, what age should they be and why?

I asked this question so I could get an idea of the most popular age range for the characters in my opening sequence. However, this question has already been answered in a way in Question 2.

 14/20 people said Yes, but 6 people said No. The people who said no mainly said that they can be any age, and that it depends on the storyline.

I will probably still have most of the characters in my opening sequence around the age of 15-18 years old, as from the previous question you can see that the age of the characters is why most of the target audience liked the film anyway, and the majority said Yes to this answer aswell.

Question 4

In a Social Realism film, would you expect the cast to be mainly male or female?


Having ascertained the age of my characters, I now wanted to learn which sex was most commonly used and expected from Social Realism films.

Everyone I asked answered male except for one person, who didn’t answer either, but said that it depended on the storyline. Those who answered male said that male characters show more violence and a re more likely to get into trouble.

I will therefore make the main protagonist of my opening sequence male, and also several of the other characters. I will have at least one character female though.


Question 5

Out of the following, what do you think is the most effective in a Social Realism film? Please rate them from 1-5, 1 being most, 5 being least.




Drug Use


I asked this question to find out which issues my target audience enjoyed in Social Realism films most and what they thought was the most effective.

The issues that are apparently most effective and enjoyed are drugs and violence, and drinking also seems quite effective. Smoking and sex are shown to be not very effective.

Because of these results I will try to incorporate drug use, violence and drinking into my opening sequence.


Question 6

Out of these locations, where would you set the opening of a Social Realism film?




Urban Housing Estate


I asked this question so I could get help with where to set my opening sequence. I had a vague idea of where I wanted to set it – either an urban housing estate or city – but just wanted to ask the target audience what they thought.

You can see that Urban Housing Estate came out on top. People sais that an Urban Housing Estate is a traditional setting for a Social Realism film. All the other locations were not as popular.  The one person who ticked other commented that it totally depends on the films storyline.

Because of these results, I will set most of the opening sequence in an Urban Housing Estate.

Question 7

From your own experience of Social Realism films, what genres of music feature most in them?

I needed to get an idea of what kind of music Social Realism films conventionally used, and so asked the target audience what they thought from their previous experience.

I collected a range of results, including Rap, Hip Hop, Grime, R ‘n’ B, Punk and Rock. The most common answers were Hip Hop, Grime, Punk and Rock.

I am going to use Rock or Punk music, because I enjoy that more than Hip Hop and Grime, and I have actually seen several Social Realism films with Rock music in.              



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